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Lady Will get 5 Years For Hiring Crypto Hitman To Kill Ex-Husband

In a surprising revelation on the darkish web, Bitcoin performed a chilling position in a sinister plot masterminded by Kristy Lynn Felkins, a 38-year-old lady from Nevada.

Intent on finishing up an evil act, she sought the providers of a hitman to execute a lethal plan concentrating on her ex-husband. Because the cryptocurrency paved the way in which for nameless transactions, it enabled the unfolding of a horrifying flip of occasions that shook the foundations of on-line anonymity and felony intent.

The chilling narrative started in 2016 when Felkins initiated communication with an entity she believed to be a hitman-for-hire on a darkish internet platform. Unbeknownst to her, the web site was a façade, a rip-off that preyed on unsuspecting clients searching for sinister providers.

The supposed hitman, working below pseudonyms, lured Felkins into an internet of deceit, promising to execute the vile act in change for $5,000 value of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin And The Ugly Particulars Of The Plot

In her assertion of guilt, Felkins admitted that her intentions went past merely eliminating her ex-husband. She expressed indifference to the well-being of her ex-husband’s new companion, callously disregarding any hurt which may happen to her throughout the deliberate homicide.

Additional investigations revealed Felkins’ chilling motive – she hoped to say a considerable life insurance coverage payout upon her ex-husband’s demise, including a disturbing monetary incentive to her sinister plot.

Her plot appeared all too actual to Felkins as she inquired whether or not the hitman might make the homicide seem as a random act of violence – a mugging gone awry. This disturbing query mirrored a chilly and calculated mindset, pushed by a need to flee suspicion and evade the grasp of justice.

Bitcoin slips again into the $29K degree on the weekend chart:

Felkins’ Responsible Plea And Confession

Because the authorized proceedings unfolded, Felkins finally pleaded responsible to a murder-for-hire cost, searching for to evade a prolonged trial that might expose her evil intent. To safe a extra lenient sentence, she entered right into a cope with federal prosecutors, confessing to her depraved plans.

A U.S. District Court docket Choose in California delivered a verdict, bringing a measure of justice to this chilling saga. Felkins was sentenced to 5 years for her involvement within the tried murder-for-hire plot.

Nevertheless, this case highlights the darkish and alarming convergence of anonymity and bitcoin within the depths of the web, posing a major risk to our digital society.

Legislation enforcement businesses and cybersecurity specialists stay vigilant, acknowledging that that is however one eerie glimpse into the abyss of the darkish internet.

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